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Weight Gain: My Current Struggle

Look.  I know most of us have had some form of unwanted weight gain during the last few months. It was really to be expected.  We went from having gyms and parks open - to being told: "Don't leave your house."  This was rough, y'know?  If you've been following my journey for a little bit - I was just starting to get back into the gym so I could lose some kilos for my trip to Bali.  My end goal though was to get back and be like BAM. Let's do this and just smash out some super amazing weight loss and fitness goals.


But, I knew that I was expecting to gain a little bit of weight. I was (am?) stress eating. I haven't left the house. I hate walking. I despise running. Saying that - I went and bought like $100 worth of gym stuff. There's kettlebells, free weights, resistance bands, exercise balls - LIKE, SO MUCH STUFF, so I could have at least the things I do actually love doing there and ready to go.


Do you think I've opened any of it?
Ha. No.

The first issue I saw with weight gain

I wasn't really phased too much in April. I knew some clothes were getting a little tighter.  At one point I thought that I might've actually been pregnant (not the case.)  I could live with that though.  A little weight gain = a little more effort to getting rid of it.

The issues really started popping up though when I saw my health was getting compromised. My right knee keeps threatening to pop up.  I struggle standing up when I'm sitting on the floor.  The clothes that were a little tight are now digging into my skin or just won't do up at all.

Over the last few days, I've noticed a significant drop in my mental health.  Instead of being super chipper like I've been aiming so hard to be,  food has taken over and I've felt like a potato.  I like potatoes, don't get me wrong.  They turn into chips, and vodka, and baked potatoes - but I don't necessary like feeling like one.

See: these were taken today - and I'm not unhappy. Just not AS happy as I think I could be.

As I quite often do - I feel like a bit of a hypocrite. I preach as much as possible that one should love their body - no matter what stage it's currently at.  On the same token though, I think when you're in a situation where you are physically uncomfortable, and you're noticing that your actual health is getting impacted - that focusing on making the best you that you can be, overrides that. It's not to say I don't love myself. I absolutely do. I just don't like the way that I feel, and that it's projecting outwards.


So after having this revelation last night, and also have read Bec's post on a very similar subject - I've decided that I'm going to start a 3-month journey into getting rid of this weight gain from isolation.   I actually started today by making sure I went for a walk around my streets when Wally brought his lead to me (an actual deal we made like six months ago when I was trying to teach him that lead = leaving the house.)  I admittedly haven't really followed through on that, so that's one of the biggest things I'll be doing.



My 8 Goals For The Next 3 Months:

    1. Fit back into the clothes I was wearing 2 months ago
    2. Do at least one strength exercise set per week
    3. Try to do one walk every day
    4. Start keeping an eye on food intake
    5. Restrict take-away food to once per week (twice if it's "healthy") 
    6. Up water intake to 2L
    7. Decrease coffee intake to 1 cup of coffee in the morning
    8. Increase green tea intake


How about yourself, dear reader?  I've created the #ShortPalProject on Facebook to have a community of people who are looking for daily positivism and uplifting content.  The exclusive Facebook group will be launched later this week.  For more details - you can follow me over on Twitter ♥



Let me know in the comments how you're going at the moment. Remember, as always, it's okay to be not okay - and if you are okay - that's even better!  Until next time,



So, I guess I became a plant Mum

When I was little, my Pop had this HUMONGOUS veggie garden at his house.  He would always plant very similar things each season, yet I always loved it. It meant that I could eventually go and pick said vegetables at a later point in time.  The veggies always looked amazing, and it was always immaculately cluttered but also chaotically structured working order. (It sounds likes my bedroom.  Maybe that's where I got my messy but creative streak from. Who knows? Anywho.)

Sadly,  I never inherited my Pop's green thumb.  Over the years, I've been gifted many succulents, and each one of them have died.  There's a running theory that I either:

A) Over watered them
B) Didn't keep them in the sun
C) Under watered them, or;
D) Completely forgot about them  (the more likely option)


This isn't to say that I didn't want to keep them alive - I was just young and naive, and the whole idea of keeping a plant alive wasn't really cool back in the old days.  Or, not to me at least.


Fast forward to my adult years:

Over the past few months,  my interest for plants has started to rise again.   A lot of the girls I used to work with grew plants, and my social channels, when they were being flooded with babies and engagements - there were plants.  I figured, well, I'm not getting engaged any time soon, and a baby is off the cards kind of indefinitely,  what about plants?  So I started on my journey for fake ones.

Kmart was a godsend for random-ass plants that looked pretty, and required el zilcho requirements on my part.  My favourite is one with a watermelon base (which was only like, $2 because the legs are cracked but that's a minor detail.)

This still didn't really feel like it was enough though. Y'know?  I loved seeing them, but I'm a hoarder.  The thing about being a hoarder is that all the inanimate objects that you collect,  you love them equally, knowing that they'll always be there for you no matter what.  Even if all your objects are taking up every inch of space in your available area.  (insert awkward smile here.)

The issue is though, unless you're super crafty, or at least semi-motivated, these don't actually change.  You can stare at your beautiful fake watermelon pot as much as you like - and it'll just sit there. Doing nothing. Year in, year out.

If we can remember one of the key points of my blog just for a key minute - I'm a midlife, mid-life crisis blogger.  AKA - I had a melt down at where my habits were getting me.


How absolutely banging is Sierra's bedroom and downstairs area, right?  I spent hours downloading mods one night, before deciding that I was going to take on an amazing house reno.  Apparently my inner child wanted to make it super amazing and bright -


I'm pretty confident by now we've all seen the movie Inception  and the idea of plants has just stuck in my head.  For months now.  So, I decided to do a real life Sims episode and renovate my deck, and the inside of my house and became a plant mum for the like, fourth time in my life.

Now I'm not an individual to test the water and see how we go - oh no.  Not me.
I went a little crazy:


These are just the ones that are outside.  There's another three cuties inside, plus a few other bright coloured ones that went to my front garden.  I'm pretty excited.  I worked my butt off making everything look pretty (and also avoided the builders next door which was a pretty large feat, if you don't mind me saying.)

I spotted a monstera today online which I would ABSOLUTELY LOVE TO ADD INTO THE COLLECTION but, I with withhold until I know I can successfully not kill at least all of these ones.  I shall keep you updated over the next few months.


Are you are a crazy plant person?  Do you have a favourite?
Let me know in the comments below!