So I guess I’m a hypocrite

|start weight : 90kg
|current weight: 85kg

Somewhere along the lines, I wrote a post (or I thought I wrote a post) about how shitty diet shakes were. Like, for full-time usage – why in the world would you want to subject yourself to not learning about proper nutrition and not commit to a full-time lifestyle change?

I guess the answer comes pretty clear when I look back at the last three weeks. I spat the dummy when I realised that my old pair of bathers didn’t fit, and that for the last six or so months, I have made every single excuse up under the sun to try and avoid doing a change. I’ve felt horrible you guys. The sluggishness has been gross, the “I don’t want to get out of bed” and the “Bloody hell, this walk to my car each day is actually torture.”

So I decided that something had to give.
And what was the easiest option?

A shake.

More so – two of them.
Daily. Now for 26 days.
(*almost every day. There’s been a few without them. But nearly every day.)

Now these photos are slightly outdated by a week, but I gotta admit – to be able to kick start my brain into actually thinking things are happening – then holy moley.

| week one on the left – week three on the right *excuse the really shitty bathroom selfies* |

So I’m down 5kgs.
I’m hoping more but admittedly I didn’t do weigh in this morning which was a bit naughty but seriously. Theeee difference.


Do I recommend shakes?
Lol, no. On the whole – I’ll stick with my first statement.
Shakes are cheating. They are there as a convenience.

But, if that’s what it takes to get you started, to just slowly get your mindset to shift into “Y’know what. This is better than scarfing down a whole McFeast to myself” then I applaud it.

I’ll be doing the shakes for another few weeks, and then start to ween off. I’m under no disillusion that they’re a long term fix, and not to mention I’m pretty sure everywhere advises you of the same. What more, I’ll start writing up a bit more about my experience on them (really should’ve done that a few weeks ago but #yolo) and give more of a daily break down.

I hope your journey is kicking butt.

with love,
Claire xo



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