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Monday Musings


So I realised I probably should have called this #MondayMusings portion of the week – but hey, I guess if we look at someone who might be struggling it brings out the human in us, yes?  Cause realistically, that’s the problem I’m having this week  – as well as the last couple. Coming off the back of being sick, and with an impending move (which to the best of people isn’t fun – to a hoarder is actually a waking nightmare)  – my poor head has gone into hyperdrive – and fitness and health has taken the back burner.

It’s on a bright-side giving me lots of new ammo to come up with future content – but to be honest people – I don’t know how exactly you get your head back in the game once it’s out of it for a little while.  Not to say in the slightest that you can’t, and not to say that I don’t think I’ll be throwing in the virtual towel any time soon – but more so that I’d prefer to go impulse stress buy a whole block of chocolate and lollies, and eat it in one sitting, and wonder why in the world I’ve gone up in weight.


I don’t think it’s unreasonable to have off days, weeks or a month. Life is important, and that’s the main thing to take away on any journey.  I haven’t overly touched on it yet – but mental health is something I’m a strong advocate for with exposure and understanding. I did miss #RUOK day – so whoopsies on that – but this blog is a safe haven for everybody  – no matter what you’re going through, or where in your life journey you’re at.  I understand completely what it’s like to battle through that- and just the hills that you go through daily.


There’s a flat peak coming up soon where I have full intention on getting back on my metaphorical bike, because seriously fuck getting on a real one (Oh boy. We haven’t even gone there yet. Trust me, we’re not friends.)  – and I’m pretty confident that there is lots of good things coming.


So welcome to Monday,  I hope your week is going amazing.
As always – leave a comment below or send me a message. I’m always happy to send cute pictures and videos of animals to your inbox ♥


Claire xo



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