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Y’know, I’m not your typical girly girl. I’m perfectly happy to sit around in tracky dacks (slacks/comfy clothes etc) rather than getting all dressed up, but when the opportunity arose to let me have my nails all done up and pretty like – well I wasn’t going to say no, especially if I didn’t have to pay for them (sometimes having a boyfriend has perks, am i right?)

So off I went and this is the result:

pretty yeah?

I thought so too.

But then I remembered why getting these bad boys done, is not high on my favourite things in the world. Here’s a simple list of the things in the past 72 hours I’ve struggled with.

1. Flushing the toilet.
Yeah, TMI probably but seriously, I’ve nearly snapped them off twice now because you don’t normally realise on the toilets that only have a small button how much you rely on your fingers/nails to press. I’ve tried to utilise my knuckles as much as I possible can but damnnn.

2. Trying to open cans of coke

I don’t think I’ve struggled as much in my life as I did sitting on the plane to come up to here, and be presented with a can of coke – and sit awkwardly for no joke of an hour trying to lift the tab up.

Megan so kindly pointed out that using your thumb for leverage works like a charm and absolutely I agree. I’ve 100% swapped to screw caps and drink bottles for the rest of the time these nails are on me though.

3. Peeling stickers off for the Macca’s Monopoly promotion

Now look, I’m normally your “MAKE SURE YOU HAVE YOUR KEEP CUP AT ALL TIMES!” type of girl, but will highly admit defeat at the above promo. I love Monopoly time, and whilst I now have 7 free fruit packets to redeem, its been a pretty lack lustre gathering of play tickets this year.

trying to take OFF said play tickets is near mission impossible. Having that extra bit of support of a smaller nail to take off those stickers is ridiculously insane for the difference it creates. On a plus side, it gives another ten minutes of entertainment to retrieve said stickers but still.

4. Trying to pick up luggage

I guess this isn’t exactly something that will come up on many peoples day to day life but considering nearly having the nails snap twice getting my luggage both on and off the conveyor belt at the airport has been a scary experience.

5. Trying to stab plastic
I know what you’re thinking, what do you mean STAB plastic? I mean in such a way of either bags for food, or, actually mainly just plastic on food. My example actually came from buying a few new pillows and not having scissors handy to pierce the plastic covering to get INTO the pillows. Normally I’d just poke a hole and happy days but these nails? Nah friend. They’re very anti-stabby. I’m totally going to get almond shaped ones next time, I think they seem more useful.

What are your hacks to dealing with fake nails?
I’d love to hear them in the comments below <3



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