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Fern Glade – North Tasmania

Look, I think I may be a bit bias towards my love of the North West.

It’s where I spent the first five years of my life, and honestly – as much as I  love Hobart, the North will always have my heart. (Insert Game of Thrones reference here)

Over the weekend, we carpooled up to Burnie to see off my cousin who, I may add as an amazing achievement, is heading overseas on a four year scholarship. But as the farewell wasn’t until later in the evening, the #Roadtripfam  had some time to kill.  When suggested what would I like to do -and the typical response of “Take photos and walk” was the answer, we took a trip up to Fern Glade, which features on Tasmania’s top 60 short walks.   It’s only a short drive away from the Burnie CBD as well – so really, you’ve got no excuse not to visit.

When we arrived, typical Tassie weather ensued, and within minutes of our walk – it started raining so hooray for hooded jumpers and bringing spare towels in the car!

Fern Glade is an amazing spot to try and see Platypus’ – although we were unlucky on this occasion. They like to show themselves early morning and late afternoon – so our 1PM house call wasn’t go to win us any favours. Saying that, I have seen them there before many many many years ago – so 100% can guarantee that you  may be lucky.

There was a much further walk than what we did – and I’d recommend to head up there in that early  morning timing to get the full appreciation and beauty of the place.


Quick side note ||
Fern Glade is not dog friendly and is fineable to bring them in – so be aware if travelling with your furry friend.




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