How I Beat My Coffee Withdrawals (And you can too!)


I promise you that if you ask anyone that knows me, they will tell you I’m addicted to coffee.
And honestly, I’m not going to sit here and tell you otherwise. There’s many things in life I could be doing – and being addicted to coffee isn’t the worst thing I could think of.


I promise you that if ask anyone that knows me, they will tell you I’m addicted to coffee. And to be perfectly honest – I think a lot of the world is.  Whether that be your local Starbucks, or the niche little coffee place on the corner of the street, we’ve all got our own favorite places and spaces, blends and spends of every dollar that we put into it.

I had this crazy idea one day though that maybe, coffee wasn’t doing me the best it could be. Maybe I should try to give it up.  It was peaking me into high anxiety – and from a fitness point of view, it probable wasn’t helping the calorie count. Have you ever had that epiphany? It’s actually a pretty horrible one. I told my barista of my plan to try giving up coffee, who ended up looked at me horrified and strongly advised against it with a pretty solid, “But why would you?”

Fair call really.
However,  for the sake of the experiment and my own curiosity – I started on my detox journey.


I should probably give you the heads up at this point to strongly suggest if you’re going to detox – start on a day when you don’t have anything particular on, because this will kick you around.
Day One:
Day one was fine until 2PM.
Oh man.

I’m not going to sugar coat that the headaches weren’t pretty brutal on day one.
The thing that most people forget that coffee is an actual addiction.
If you stop – you do get withdrawals.
So at 2 PM – the headaches kicked in.

And so whilst sitting at work, dealing with customers with not so pleasant issues – the absolutely mood swings kicked in full force. I was not someone you wanted to be friends with, and anyone who has done this, would be agree 100% with me.


Day two:

It didn’t get any easier.

Introducing the cold sweats, more repeat headaches. I had to cancel a few of my fitness activities and meet ups I had that afternoon as it was too unbearable to cope with.  I was so tired and lethargic, my head was this foggy cloud of horribleness and I couldn’t bare to stand up right. It got that bad that I had to get my housemate to come get me after work as I knew I couldn’t drive.

However, as this post is to say how to combat your withdrawals, I’ll advise that aspirin and water are your best friend.
Also sleep.  Remember the life hack from above?  Starting this on a Friday and going through onto the Sunday is an honest life saver.

Another suggestion I heard on the grapevine was magnesium, as it helps with muscle relaxants (and as I was seizing like anything) – this also I can suggest quite well.

Day three-four-five:
It started getting easier.

I can’t say it was an easy process. I was fortunate enough that the bulk of the withdrawals hit over the weekend and although I was a grumpy thing for the few days, by the time Monday came around again – I felt a lot more energized. My cold shakes had stopped around day three, and the fog that had entered into my head suddenly felt a lot lighter. (Believe me, that was an amazing feeling.)

I can 100% say that after a week of not having coffee, I was feeling pretty good.  I swapped back onto green tea (The T2 blends are amazing.) – so that I still had some buzz, and felt a bit better for it.

…. I’d love to end this post and say that I’m 100 days sober from coffee.
Unfortunately, three weeks later and I ended up on a week of early starts at work and the coffee started again and I’m back to where I started.
Maybe I should do another post with an hourly update?

Have you tried detoxing before?
What was your experience?  What was your best suggestions to getting past the withdrawals?
Let me know in the comments!






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