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You know those bloggers that try and upsell you on how amazing their lives are, and that everything is just perfect? 


This isn’t one of them. 


My name is Claire, and whilst this corner of the internet originally started out with the best of intentions to be a #weightlossmotivation blog, look, I’ll be real with you – I failed pretty terribly.  I gave up on all my healthy eating and exercise and fell into a pretty hard depression streak for months. 

I was this  withdrawn shell and I didn’t think there was any hope to be able to re-establish an inspo blog.  Then something changed. I started posting about what I was going through and the weirdest thing happened:


People related strongly to the unglamourous portions of my life.


I realised that we’re so used to seeing people whether it’s on social media, the news, or heresay down at the local coffee shop having amazing and glamarous lives that we can’t (probably) ever attest to – and we feel so shit about it!  So I decided to revive the ol’  blog, and start focusing on the good, bad, and (sometimes stinky and gross) parts of life. 

I figured, that if I could make even the smallest dent in the world, and start a conversation about the real struggles (and triumphs!) of people, and how different (and amazing!) we all are, and come up with some common ground for people to relate to – that I’d go to bed a little happier every night. 

I believe in opening up

so others don't feel so alone

. . .

So if what you’ve read has hit you in the feels,  you don’t mind a few #hashtags and #RealTalk vibes here and there – dig some random photography, love a bit of travel and appreciate a really cute dog –  I’d like to welcome you to stay a while. 

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