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12 Hour Photo Challenge

There's been many challenges I've set myself over the years for photography. My last challenge was a 365 day one - and whilst it served well for nearly 90 days, it fell apart around Feburary. (Whoops.)  But with my move to Darwin now looking like it's only 13 weeks away - I figured that I should really start to re-document what my life currently is like.  Enter the 12 Hour Photo Challenge.

In theory - it's pretty simple.  Take at least one photo every hour, for twelve hours.   As far as a photo challenge goes - I figured this would be one I could actually do.  Which, in fairness, I did - but by jeez. I nearly failed a few times.  It's actually really hard if you're not a super social person to continue taking photos throughout the day.  You'll see at the end that it's mainly just photos of Wally that keep popping up because I just there listening to my phone on the couch.

10AM - Start of the 12 Hour Photo Challenge


I may have chosen Saturday to do this challenge because I knew full well I was getting that Corona hair fixed. (Thanks Nat!)  Gonna be honest, absolutely looked like poop in the photos taken just before these ones as I woke up late (as usual.)






























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Behind the scenes:

I shoot with the Canon 6D + Sigma 50mm 1.4mm
I used the Camera Connect App + The R6 Remote + Manfrotto Tripod 

And edited using the Adobe Suite ♥


12 Hour Photo Challenge 1

I've gotta be honest - I really did love this photo challenge, even though it was super hard at times. Even uploading some of the photos I realised they weren't within the actual hour and had to go back to edit more.  I'd be excited to do more of these challenges over the next few weeks and months - and I think with everything that is going on with the world at the moment, documenting the little things is so, so important.

Let me know in the comments below if there's a particular photo you liked the most - or if there's a challenge you'd like to see me do.  Otherwise - if you'd like to join in with the photo challenge series, you can use the hashtag #ChallengeSGW on Instagram (and can follow me on there here!)

Stay safe everyone ♥