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May Results & June Blog Goals 2020

Hey hey!  This is a new type of post around these parts. I've goal set before but I haven't really focused too much on my stats.  I've taken up a bit of the analytic watching over the past few months, and I figured that y'know what? We're coming into the midway mark of the year. I've been focusing more and more on the blog over the past few months and being that it's still going to be a few more months until we start to look at going back to normal, why not?

The other thing as well of course that SGW was always meant to be a platform for honesty. So, if that means sharing the growth (or decline, pray be that's not the case) - then we'll do that too!


So without further ado-  the results of May:

May Results:


Instagram Followers

Email Sign Ups

Affiliate Sales







$0  (to be fair, I only started a week ago!)




Impressions - 39.2k

Total Audience - 35.6k

Engagement - 1.3k

Engaged Audience - 1.1k


Woohoo! Look at me go learning about how to use columns! I'm so good at this.   I'm actually pretty proud of last month. Whilst I didn't have anything to officially say what I was at,  I know that my Pinterest was at like, 0 on everything, so that growth within a month was insane.  IG also grew by about 70 people, and Twitter grew about 50 odd.  As someone said on one of my tweets earlier,  growth is growth, no matter how small!

So what about next month's goals?  (Well. This month. As I slept through yesterday and totally didn't post this in time. Whoops.) Great question.  I figured that growth is still growth - but I really want to make Blogging eventually a full-time job.  So this month I'm focusing on acquisitions and affiliates, and growing my page views.  So here is June's goals.

June Goals:


Instagram Followers

Email Sign Ups

Affiliate Sales











Impressions - 50K

Total Audience - 50k

Engagement - 3k

Engaged Audience - 3k


And that's it for my May wind up and June goals!  I'll be back tomorrow with my personal goal wrap up (yay!) and I think I'll do a combined version of this next month.

What about yourself dear reader?  What are you focusing on this month?  Can we help each other at all?  Let me know in the comments!

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Is a multi-niche blog for you?

When I first started out with blogging - I found one of the biggest stresses was trying to keep to a consistent theme.  If you can't remember that far back (which is fair enough) - originally I had intended on Short Girl Walking to be a fitness and weight loss inspo blog (We can all laugh collective together). Obviously this hasn't worked out, but it got me thinking. Is it possible to have a successful multi-niche blog and still be coherent, and importantly, keep readers coming back?

The answer was yes.



Hold up for a quick moment! This post contains some affiliate links, which means I may earn a commission for recommending the products featured. You're under no obligation to purchase these, nor are you charged any extra if you do decide you might like them! I do receive a small percentage of the sale if you use the links to help pay the bills.  Alright - back to our scheduled posting!

So how do you make a successful multi-niche blog?

An absolutely fantastic question and we're actually going to look at this question in reverse.

To start with, we first need to have a quick look at what this means for you - and where you are in your blogging journey.  If you've read my post about having a coherent blog - you'll notice that I mention that having too many subjects on your blog can really throw off an audience. Truthfully, I'm not about to tell you differently here.  There is absolutely a fine line between having a blog that talks about a different range of subjects that you'll keep coming back to vs a blog that's really a hot mess.



Are you in month 0-4 of your blogging journey?

I would suggest if you're only just starting out in your blog (As in, months 0-4 of officially launching) - stick with your chosen blog niche until you start getting into a regular posting pattern.  You'll continue to build up your base over this time, and can then start branching out.  Why do I think this is important, rather than diving into the deep end straight away?  Number one is to be able to create your blog identity. Number two, it gives you time to test out if blogging is right for you. Number three, blogging and writing is much like photography (aka, your first 10000 photos are going to be your worst.)

I don't expect you to write 10k blog posts in 4 months, but having a bit of structure before you start writing about everything under the sun will allow you to get used to what style you're wanting out of your blog, and practice the other little things that go into making a blog post.


This isn't to say however that this is the time to not be planning ahead.  There is no reason that you can't already have a vision in your head (or paper!) about what direction you want your blog to go in.  Let me be honest, there's a really high possibility it might not be what you originally anticipated!



Are you 4+ months into your blogging journey, and have at least 8-10 posts created?

I know a number of people will disagree with the timing, and that you should really start branching out more after about twelve months. I disagree.  Unless you're ready to 100% commit to a one niche blog (doing only fashion, DIY tips, etc) - then around the four-month mark, if you're like me, you're going to get bored.  Blogging is SUPER fun, and I think having this super restrictive timeline of 12+ months is kinda crazy.

The great news is that if you've got those 8-10 posts already curated, there's a couple of things that happen:

    1. You've got posts to deep-link back to (Google LOVES this.)
    2. As mentioned above, you've already got a rhythm going on what you're writing
    3. Hopefully, you've now established a bit of an audience and can start asking for opinions on what to write about
    4. There's also a strong likelihood that when you were doing the posts that other post ideas started popping up and you've got them saved as a future idea in a draft folder somewhere
    5. You already have posts that you can expand on!

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Having a non-micro niche blog is not a get out of structure jail for free card.

Just because you've now got a lot more freedom to post about different topics, doesn't mean you can get lazy. You absolutely should have an over-arching theme of what you're wanting to achieve across all of your blog posts. In some ways, this actually makes it more difficult to have a blog where you are actually writing about different things.  It's once again taking a step back and thinking, what exactly am I trying to achieve with each post? How does this relate to what I want my readers to take away from my blog?


There is such a thing of over-complicating your blog.


Key things to remember when starting to add more category subjects:

    1. You need to be conscious of SEO: Your keywords may not fit every category!
    2. Your Tone of Voice still needs to remain consistent in all your posts
    3. Everything still needs to tie together in some capacity across the whole blog




Micro vs Multi-Niche - Which Should I Do?

There's a lot of arguments for and against having a multi-niche blog. I can't begin to tell you the number of hours and stress that it caused me when I first started out blogging, to feel that I had to have a specific blog type to be successful.  Once I realised the notion this wasn't the case, and I had free reign for what I wanted my blog to be - I became a lot more invested in what I was doing. I was more than happy to do more research, write more posts, do more graphics. This compared to dragging my feet through the dirt on topics I didn't really care for anymore was a game-changer.

This said - you might be better suited for a niche blog or a micro-niche blog.  In another example - I'm also a photographer, and I used to have a dedicated blog for tips and tricks for doing better photography on a budget.  This then made no sense to add extra topics about things that weren't related to that particular niche.

There is a benefit of doing smaller niches in that you are competing with fewer people (theoretically), but you can also tend to shoebox yourself in if you want to later expand.



The best things to do to have a successful multi-niche blog


    1.  Plan out your content in advance, and make sure your posts continue to link to your over-arching theme
    2.  Research your potential future categories, and consider combining category posts until it's ready to have its own separate one
    3.  Make sure you have an actual interest in the topic you're writing about - Don't just create a category or blog post just because you feel like you have to
    4. Don't be afraid to ask your readers what they want to see from you
    5. If your goal is to eventually make a profit on your blog - are you able to think of how affiliate marketing or ads will be able to carry across your different posts?
    6. Remember to space your blog posts out.  For example, have a "Travel Thursdays" or "Fitness Fridays", it will give your readers who might be more partial to one part of your blog than another to see what they want to read.
    7. Consider whether you may actually be suited a niche, or micro-niche blog. If you're finding that you're going too over the place with your posts - it might be time to re-evaluate.
    8. Remember to still ask for sign-ups for your newsletter!
    9. Don't be afraid to reach out to others to ask for collaborations or guest posts
    10. Have fun!  Experiment with your style, and remember your readers will continue to follow you for your writing, as long as it's consistent writing style!
multi niche blogging tips 1

Wrap up time!

I personally love having the flexibility of a multi-niche blog.  It gives me the opportunity to go and explore my many different hobbies and interests, and I no longer feel that I have to be bogged down sticking to one thing, and one thing only.  There are a lot of bloggers out there that are very successful in having multi-niche blogs, and there's absolutely no reason you can't be one of them.


Let me know in the comments below what you're struggling with at the moment with your blogging goals?  Are you getting stuck on finding a niche?  Or trying to break out from it?  Or let me know if you found this helpful!