So there’s many things in life that I think, “Damn Claire, that’s absolutely something you should go and invest in doing.” or, “That’s a completely useless thing, but it’d be pretty cool so you should probably go and do it.”  Considering both of those objectives are things that sort of work together, I figured over the last few days that it’d be cool to do a fitness and weight loss bucket list of shit that may never happen – but at least I can say that I’m pretending to work towards them. 

(insert the shrug emoji here.) 


So in no particular order:


  1. Try 10 different types of new exercises I haven’t done before
  2. Try to go vegetarian for a week
  3. Hit my lowest weight in like, forever, and get down to below 70kg
  4. Be confident to wear a bikini in public
  5. Do a photo shoot in said bikini, or fashion, or a boudoir shoot
  6. Enter a beauty pageant and place
  7. Improve my flexibility to be able to reach past my toes
  8. Be able to plank for two minutes
  9. Do a 5km fun run
  10. Learn how to surf
  11. Go Snorkeling on the great barrier reef 
  12. Complete Tasmania’s 60 Short Walks
  13. Do a dance class 
  14. Be able to do 15 pull ups 
  15. Do a 30 day squat challenge 


BONUS – go back to NZ and hike around the lakes

I figured that they’re all achievable, in one stretch of the imagination or the other. (Maybe placing in a beauty comp might be a bit tricky. There isn’t may out there that accept five foot curvy people!) – but a little bit of exaggerated inspo never hurt anyone.

What would be on your fitness bucket list? Any of the above? Something different? I’d love to hear about it in the comments below xo



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